“Wanderlust is real”

Hello Planet,
I’m Daniel, known more as #WanderRook. I’m wanderer, traveler, gamer, Earth-lover, open-minded, smartphone-photographer, staff juggler, pole dance freak, tattoo enthusiast & doin’ my best to be a good person you want to meet. Follow me on my offiziell social nests :):

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I’m interested in volunteering with


Countries I have visited:
Slovakia | Czech Republic | Austria | Poland | Italy | Denmark | Sweden | Morocco | Hungary | India | Iran | Turkey | Greece | Republic of Macedonia | Spain | Germany | Norway | Iceland

Traveling dreams or list of countries I wish to visit sooo, so bad :):
Colombia | Vietnam | Thailand | Taiwan | South Korea | Japan | Nepal | China | Malaysia | Laos

Have a free couch space? Hit me on my couchsurfing page :).


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