Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.
LUCY – 2014

If with all knowledge realize the purpose & goal of life if it’s flow on timeline, it’s easy to answer the is reason of life itself; time. So, skip this part, it’s more easy & natural to understand then Adam’s 42 (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – 1979). All moments with this current moment.

What to do with time, while we are alive? If any

“Every being in the universe knows right from wrong, Mark.”
PROT – 2001

Let’s decide this time for right side. During first night in India after bottle of whiskey (and maybe 5l of water – temperature outside ~37°C) I got explained hinduism and I remember maybe 5%. More memories I have about morning puking. Let’s explain HOW TO LIVE the simplest possible way ►

Moment/life made of three of three dimensions (naaaah, I don’t like this word);

IN: What we think. When it our actual intention with reality. Our inner voice. Person who knows us best, I itself.
OUT: How we are taking care about our spaceship made of flesh and bones. Touchable and life sustainable expression of little alien deep in our brain.
AROUND: How comfort and enjoyable is space around us. Doesn’t matter if we feel best lost in nature, with no shoes of beach or in snob luxury flat in Downtown of Reykjavik.

Be good, be healthy and prettiest possible and be rich. If you feel rich in expensive clothes, in solid car or during traveling in dream cities of the world, be rich as much possible. For a while I was a traveler who has all things for life in two bags, in 5 months visited 7 countries in very low budget and was richest person ever, because the is no money what can buy you adventure like almost no money :D. Eat good, sleep well, give a challenges to your physical body, move. Make love not hate, because hate hurts only you yourself.


“Life was given to us a billion years ago, now you know what to do with it”.
LUCY – 2014

Let’s create a picture of imaginary people to makes us sure we know; “How to NOT do it” (but we usually do):

“I’m extremely selfish and evil beautiful girl using people living in her princess castle”

“I’m fat good heart girl, who spent plenty of time laying in bed with 8 teddy bears, eating and reading some romantic crab book from her beautiful library.”

“I’m young, good looking, easy going boy who love just wasting of time and enjoying do nothing with no ambitions or goals.”

“I’m good looking girl. I hope somebody will take care about everything else in my life.”

Okay, my examples are maybe little rude, but now your can easily imagine more. Isn’t right in this moment of your life some of your dimension unattended? If you are perfectly fine, balanced or maybe even still more & more enlarging your 3D, *brofist* you know what I’m talking about (everybody already knows, but not everyone understood).

Let’s move to nowadays (current: 2017) when we are maybe last generation who will say something like; “facebook is killer of time, internet disconnect us from real life, blah blah blah”. Our digital identity already adapted to our lives. It’s again just our decision how we presenting ourselves to other connected humans. If you are honest, if you lie, if you are openly presenting love, hate, sadness. We created another dimension which can rise itself with our 3D I. I want to call it neo-something. Idk, leave comment we can think about it :D.

The new definition of billionaire is he who will positively affect the lives of a billion people.
Jason Silva – 2015

Now watch this (twice!) ►

…and go sleep. In this life we probably wouldn’t invent any new dimension. You have plenty to do with this four at once. Good luck.